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On this excursion you can see the difficult country, and country with amazing history. We are going to Tirana – the capital of Albania. En route you can see from the bus mausoleum of the national hero…
We are going across Boka-Kotorska bay by ferry boat to a border with Bosnia. First city that you will visit is Trebinje: orthodox monastery Hercegovacka Gracanica, monastery of Tvrdos, the old Tekia. After…
The route goes along the cost of the Bay of Boka Kotorska through Muo, Pcanj and Stoliv settlements. The total length of the route is 24 km.
Cycling tour starts from the peak of Mount Vrmac. The first part of the route goes along the mountain ridge. The second 11 km part of the route has an asphalt pavement and goes to Kotor.
Cycle tour starts at the height of 1660 meters above sea level from the peak of Mount Lovćen. The tour lasts 5 hours and 30 minutes in average.
We are going to the border with Croatia to see town Dubrovnik. There are two version of excursion: day and evening.
On this trip you will see a Skadar lake and then you will go across a Podgorica - capital of Montenegro. After that you will see a lot of canyons.
We offer you ti cruise around Boka Kotorska bay, one of the 25 most beautiful bays in the world. We start our trip from Petrovac and Budva and than by bus we go to Tivat.
First you will visit Cetinje - the old capital and historical center of Montenegro. After that we will go to old village Njegusi. After that we will go by the old road to Boka bay,to the city of Kotor.
The bus passed through a tunnel and arrives to the shore of Skarad. Then the way goes to the capital – Podgorica, the plain Belopavlici, the lower monastery of Ostrog and to the Cetinje.
Start from Budva. After that we will go by Montenegro coast to Skadar lake, after that you will see Podgorica from the bus, and the city of Niksic.
By the coast of Montenegro we are going to national park of Skadar lake. After that we are going by boat on lake, and you can see some historical monuments, plantation of lotus.
Start from Budva at 8:00. After that you will visit monastery of Hercegovinska Gracanica in Trebinje, and the old town. You will have a lot free time to walk around and take a lunch break. After that we…
Shkraping is a hiking tour on sharp rock areas, which were generated by the sea currents. We propose a shkraping tour along the coast of Grbalj peninsula.

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